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August 21, 2013

New beginnings

So we went in silent mode.

Yes lot of things were happening. Most of our team members got busy with there life, marriages, career. Nearly all of us moved places and settling at new place, new environment, additional family responsibilities and so on.
In all this our site also moved from one hosting to other...

And then one day which is today, stumble back on it. Pondering on where to start thought of planning again and start afresh. Earlier the focus was on IPO as that was mostly we were investing. IPO dried up and other then SMEs no one is in IPO market.

In fact late last week and this weeks mayhem of stock markets has moved most of the investors away. But as they say when chips are down, it is best time to pick value stocks. If we are too scare to touch stock directly then easy way is to mutual fund way.

With very active SEBI, lot of good things have come in Mutual fund - most of them are online now, Direct plan is best thing to happen to Indian investors > why to pay for commission when there is no service being provided.

Coming back to the point - what are we going to do. We are going to do the same thing as we have started this website for - Sharing our research for your use.

You will see lot of changes in the strategy but that is because we have learned, matured and changed our strategy.

So watch out this space for the same and offcourse if you want to contribute please do let us know...
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