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Why this site?

We are NOT

  • Investment advisor

  • Investment magazine

  • News content provider

  • Rich quick tips provider

  • Here for profit earning (except some earnings from the links you click to meet the cost of the site.)

Then who are we?

We are normal small investors who are investing based on our research.

So why this site?

Since we are doing research for our own investment, we anyway have to collect this information and store it somewhere so thought why not we keep this online so all of us can share that instead of exchanging mails. This will indirectly provide information to other fellow investors.

Why we are doing this?

If more investors join our site and start contributing then we will have more hands to research and more heads to analyze which will help us to make more informative investment.

How can you contribute?

Please send a mail to us ( ) and we will try to include you in our group off course after due diligence.

Do you have to pay something?

No as we said earlier, we are not here to sell anything.

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